A handful of matching purses for a bride-to-be to give as bridesmaids gifts.
I love the watermelon and navy blue colour theme!


Apron Revival!

My great granny Ada inspired these aprons, and although she wasn't french, I guess my surroundings had a bearing on the final style too. These particular ones are for sale at a boutique in Outremont, Montreal but if anybody out there needs one, I can remake most of them to order. All the women's versions are 100% cotton, prewashed and are super easy to care for. Men's bistro version is a pre-washed poly-cotton blend but is equally simple to wash and iron etc. I'll be adding some matching tea towels and oven mitts too in a short time!


Another made-to-measure

This one was made with some Edith Wharton re-print from Schumacher, which I absolutely love and it wasn't until now that I found an appropriate use! I'm glad you like the final results, College Professor!

Custom Diaper Bag


New workspace

This new work space has completely changed my outlook on life! Getting out of the house to work, having a space to do graphic work, sewing, painting, right next door to some other cool artists. It's a wonderful space, small but extremely accomodating. I'm looking forward to all the things I can get done in here!

More not-so-recent work

Recycled patent belt for a bright new strap and some gorgeous printed cotton. The first of many new sling bags, this one sent out to Whistler, BC for Christmas.

Another belt turned strap/deco on this sage cut velvet, one of my favorite fabrics. Green linen interior.

I have admittedly taken this one out for it's fair share of "test drives". I could almost call it my own by now. With a colourful damask detail on the sober checked black & white background, a recycled strap with brass details. It's a big gorgeous bag! Lining is a heavy black twill. Gives the whole thing a nice sturdiness to it.

Oh, I love this Edith Wharton for Schumacher print. It was so hard to actually cut up and use, but it's great with a wool pinstripe and denim straps. It's got a nice stiff interlining to keep a rounded almost briefcase type shape.

Another interpretation of the sling bag, smaller and more practical for evenings out? One of my favorite winter wools paired with a slinky black ribbon detail and a light miniature houndstooth black & navy interior.

Amy Lue Special

Amy Lue is already darn special as it is, but here's a bag I made for her especially, with a pair of vintage wool felt pants she found. Complete with water bottle holder and cell phone pocket, lots of engineering went into keeping this recurring client happy as can be! xoxo

New Custom Purses

These are a couple of purses I made for two great gals, as surprise Christmas gifts. Happy Holidays!


Shopping bag prototypes

These are some new ideas for reusable bags that will be produced by Direction Vert. Included in the first batch are the hobo, the convertible, and the newspaper boy.

New Arcade Fire bag!

The new version of the Arcade Fire book bag has been released! It was manufactured by a fantastic Quebec company called Direction Vert, who specialize in reusable bags of all sorts. Stay tuned for more collaborations with these guys! I'm very excited!


Arcade Fire book bag

This is one of a number of products that Arcade Fire will be selling on their upcoming North American tour for the new album 'Neon Bible'. They've sourced a few really cool local people to make 'homemade'/local products to sell alongside their t-shirts and standard fare and I'm lucky enough to have been selected as part of this crew. What a compliment!

So this is the official bookbag, designed to be simple, unisex and fairly easy to assemble, I think it turned out pretty nice. The silkscreen is somewhat imperfect, but I hope that people see that as part of the artisanal beauty! It is after all, not a factory-made product, which is what they were after. Anyway, if you happen to see their show, you can pick one of these babies up at the booth!


Chanel convertible saddle bag

Ok, every time I make a new purse, it's automatically my favorite. I think I'll take a break now from sewing and just let this one be my favorite for a while. It's made with a chanel-inspired weave in bright pinks and corals and greens. Inside (and on the pocket) is a light breezy floral, 100% cotton. Very spring-y.
It's the first convertible bag I've made and I think it's super useful. Sling it on your shoulder from the top handles when you've gone shopping and need all the room. Or fold it over and carry it across your shoulder for normal amounts of junk. Take off the longer strap if it gets in your way. Either way, I love it. Maybe I'll adopt it for myself... (but I always say that)

Stripes and Flowers

This is the third in a series of little handy handbags (see below!). Unlike it's sisters, it doesn't have the folded bottom detail, rather a nice flat package. Still, the matching floral lining is a surprise, maybe. 100% cotton exterior & interior, with cotton strap.

Black & White Check

Why does this one remind me of Robin Hood? That feather-like foliage on the front and interior, a Schumacher print, is just girly enough, but not over the top. And the black and white check never goes out of style. Right, Rebecca?! Complete with a braided faux-leather strap.

Hibiscus Handbag

This little number features an applique on the front, of a bright hibiscus, surrounded by a toned down sage linen. Recuperated hardware for the strap, with a touch of red velvet ribbon to set it all off. Inside is the rest of that hibiscus' fabric. A bit of a teaser this one. Highly practical for a little jaunt out to lunch.